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My Big Birthday Present


Today, I am 33 years old. I feel many of my dreams had become true..and some are going to be reality ( I hope soon). But what makes me surprise is this big present. This present called “Slander”. and this present come from my nearest family. I dont know the motives, but I’m sure this come because people don’t wont to take responsible for the mistake or the think he/she don’t know…many of us, consider talking with hyperbolic would make the story dramatics. To make drama, sometimes we add words, plots that not suite to the reality. And when the story confirm to the source, mostly we would denied what we’ve done. Or..we are afraid to admit our knowledge’s absents and blame other people who don’t understand us.

Blaming people…is the easiest way to escape form problem..but surely caused another huge problem. Maybe we wont feel the effect now..but, somehow it would come to us.

So, in this birthday moment…I contemplate myself..rethink about what I’ve done. Considering my contribution and mistakes..and I came to one point of conclusion. I need to learn a lot..learning to be better, learning to reorganize my mind, my words and my behavior. But most of all, I need to be down to earth person, act wisely to all the thing happen in this life. And much grateful for what I have now. I believe, the truth will reveal someday, and by that time, I already forgive them.

Thank You Allah for letting me run my live for 33 years old, and presents me Farzan and Aa..

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