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Dear My Brother


A Few days ago i was very surprise to see my 11 years brother so eager to have his own cell phone. He do anything to such money taht afford to buy it. Wheter whit a little bit pushed, he asked me to give him money, ask my mother, and kepet his budget.
He really wants it. and my sister came with brilliant ideas, “Why dont you sell cookie,” she said. Fian, was really happy. He heped my sister when she bake a cake, he waited until the cake is ready, he packed it, adn sell it among his friends, and he did it good. No cake left. And he saved the money little by little.

I realy toch to see his eagerness. I Hope someday he would be strong man, helpfull man, and wise person.
Love You Fian, May Alla always bless you.

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